I want to make out with Barack Obama

20 01 2009

Can I just say that?

My coworker is lodging an official complaint against that statement, btw.

Oh, and PS, what’s up with Jill Biden’s outfit for the inauguration???

Picture thanks to the ShoeMinx blog




6 responses

21 01 2009
Ms. Rho

Personally, I LOVED the boots. But, that’s just me.

21 01 2009

You and me both.
Instead I’m going to roll up my sleeves and get on board his solution train,



21 01 2009
Montgomery Maxton

OMFGJC i was like “she’s wearing go-go boots, get the cage!”

look at that, my word verification is: trasheon

21 01 2009

Oh, and I love the boots btw. But appropriateness is a new term I’m learning.

21 01 2009
Wonder Man

I want to make out with him too

21 01 2009
Kate The Great

Loved the boots, but thought she was channeling Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Black nylons would have made the look THAT much better…

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