Andy Dick Comes out as bisexual

22 01 2009

You can keep this one, heterosexuals. Thanks.

Oh and a picture of him making out with a guy from here:

Apparently, though, it’s no surprise.




4 responses

22 01 2009


Couldn’t have been someone like doable like James Franco. Nooooooooooo it had to be Andy Dick!

22 01 2009

Re: Ewwww


Well, James Dean was probably bi. Not that he’s doable now, but does it make you feel any better at all?

23 01 2009
J. Clarence

Andy Dick is bisexual. What! I don’t believe you. Clearly that picture is photoshoped by the gay agenda trying to slander Andy Dick’s good name.

…*back to reality*

You know what is funny? You can tell everyone suspected that the celeb was gay (or unpopular) when People Magazine does not bring out the now classic “I’m Gay” Cover.

I really hope all of these obvious outings eventually leads up to a really big one like Ricky Martin.

A gay man can dream.

24 01 2009

…and in other news, mathematicians announce that four quarters equal a dollar.

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