28 01 2009

Had a lot of fun last week with QUESTION FOR FRIDAY (here are the answers). This week:

Can you meet the love of your life in a bar?

Answers, again, on Friday :-).




6 responses

28 01 2009
Jere Keys

Well, considering that he’s been so rude as to not show up at all the places I’ve been waiting for him, yeah, he’s probably off getting tanked and watching go-go boys stuff bills into g-strings.

28 01 2009

Sure it is!

Anyone know where and if Cameron Tolle drinks?

No but seriously. You can meet the love of your life anywhere. Bar included.

Of course the Bigger your Community the more venues other than bars are available to meet them at.

28 01 2009
Cincinnati NAMjA

Of course you can…and then you wake up.

28 01 2009
Michael Chanak

The answer is “yes” however, in my dotage, I prefer bars in the slow lane, also known as, churches.

Praise the Goddess.

28 01 2009

I met the first love of my life in a bar. Turns out he was a crack head. Thanks be to jeebus I met my very true love after that via on line dating nine years ago. Just goes to show you that love can be found anywhere

28 01 2009

Can you meet a love in a BAR………..

Well Yea, I thought I did once, 5 yr relationship till he went psycho, suicidal, etc.

Of all things back in 1995 I was working the door at the DOCK carded this guy, gave him hell about his ID, didn’t look like him, sorta got in my face, kept coming back each week then asked me out…. moved in and spent 5 yrs with me…..
He was a damn good guitarist, and played great music, sex was always great. He shared a extremely traumatic point in my life, the lose of my dad, who treated him like a second son.
I still think about him often. James Friebert I still miss you.

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