Anti-Gay in 2010

3 02 2009

Thanks to (not related to Obama :-)), we have five potential people running for Senate who are markedly anti-gay. What’s fun is that one of Ohio’s own gets listed… groan. Jeez.

  • Roy Blunt (US House, R-MO) — Received a 0% rating from the HRC, and said that Obama’s openness to LGBT person’s are “wrong.” Looking to step up from the House.
  • Marco Rubio (State House Speaker, R-FL) — Supported, oh goodness, Mike Huckabee for President. If that wasn’t enough, he’s a close fan and ally of anti-gay Jeb Bush.
  • Sarah Palin (Governor, R-AK) — Not officially announced yet, but be sure it’s coming. We all know and love her, right? After all, she has many gay friends, but doesn’t support their equal rights. Woot for Alaska.
  • Rob Portman (fmr Cabinet, fmr House, R-OH) — Apparently, is becoming the clearinghouse for why Portman is wrong for Ohio. I’m always a little giddy when I get nods from other blogs :-).
  • Jerry Moran (House, R-KS) — Another 0% from the HRC, and, of course, supporting a constitutional amendment against gay marriage. Jeez, really Kansas? You can do better. Kansas City is so cool though!!!! has an excellent listing of links and issues about each of these fabulous contenders for the Senate. All I can say is that anti-gay is unAmerican. 
We’re real Americans, too, Miss Palin.



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