Catholics are sexy

5 02 2009

From @WLWT (the full story here):

The most powerful Catholic in Cincinnati is outraged over sex education at the University of Cincinnati.

Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk publicly criticized UC for a week-long program known as Sexploration.

The program features speakers and events, as well as condom giveaways and a “Pizza and Porn” night.

Sponsors include the university’s Wellness Center and Pure Pleasure Inc., which sells lotions and sex toys.

People connected with the program say it’s a great educational experience for students and can help them make healthy decisions about sex.

Pilarczyk called the week of activities “profoundly disturbing.” He issued a statement Wednesday criticizing the university for allowing what he calls “the gross disregard of the moral sensibilities of many in the university community.”

A university spokesman said the program responds to student interest in sexual wellness and health. He said the Wellness Center is supported by student fees, not tuition, and that programs focus on issues of interest to students.

A public relations director for Pure Romance released a statement saying that a major component of the event “is to help students understand all the aspects that are important in maintaining healthy relationships.”

UC students have sex? I would never have guessed. 
[meanspirited]To the Archbishop of Cincinnati: get a clue.[/meanspirited]
When Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come on to unto me” he didn’t mean that… Sorry, that was really really really anti-Catholic. But, seriously, fresh out of their child abuse scandal, I’m amazed that the Catholic church has much street cred left on the issue of sex. Let them eat cock, IMHO. 

The UC students, that is, not the abused children or the priests…



One response

5 02 2009

This whole issue is ridiculous. I know just about everyone in the Wellness Center at UC as a coordinated a AIDS benefit drag show with them lsat quarter and they have received so much hate mail. This whole event has been blown way out of proportion – they are just supporting safe sex. Please send them love mail to!

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