CinNKY Queer Blogger Carnival Updates!

6 02 2009

Just a quick update on February’s Queer Blogger Carnival. Last month, a few of us decided we wanted to answer a single question in blog format: Why Northside? Is Northside our “gay ghetto?”

So far, we’ve had five excellent responses (in alphabetical order)!

I think, even if that’s it for February (I’m hoping we’ll here from one or two more), I think that’s a pretty successful first month!!!


PS Any suggestions for next month? Oh, and Jere, this is totally the first time I’m adding you as a label. Weird. I thought you’d been a label for a long time. Hrm. Sorry ’bout that.

Oh and I’m totally fuming over my class this morning, which is why I’m at school and not studying for my test in … er … 45 minutes.




2 responses

6 02 2009
Jere Keys

I am an individual, stop labeling me! j/k

Why not throw the Pride theme out there for the blogger carnival? Or if you’re looking for something in a less controversial direction, what are you most looking forward to this spring?

7 02 2009

Oh yes! The pride Theme would be GREAT. LOL.

Barry maybe we can do the Blogger Carnibal Bi-Weekly and then at the end of 2 weeks you can post the Update Recap @ Rainbow Cincinnati

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