New Word!!!

6 02 2009

In my ongoing attempt at recreating the world in my own image, I think I just made up a term in the last blog:

Transexpression (n)
the performance of gender that is outside of the norms and standards of a person’s biological sex and the associated expected gender role; “I think the reason I didn’t get that job was because of my transexpression; I think I was just too effeminant for them.” (possible synonym: “gender expression”)

transexpressive (adj); transexpressively (adv.)

The funny joke that I think that should be made is something about a train and hopping on the TransExpress…

…but that’s probably tasteless.




3 responses

6 02 2009
Amy in Ohio

I luvs me some tasteless

6 02 2009

Darling, I totally think is the first time you’ve ever commented on my blog! YEA!!!!


(I don’t know, that cheese and that absinthe was pretty tasteful. What foods go with absinthe, do you know?)

6 02 2009
Jere Keys

You’ve obviously never sat through a 6 hour debate on the distinction between sex, gender, birth sex, biological sex, hormonal sex, gender expression, gender identity, and the various intersex medical conditions. I’m guessing you haven’t spent 3 weeks trying to write a training manual for HR administrators on how to treat gender fluid (a.k.a. genderqueer, genderfuck, androgyne, non-binary, ungendered or bigendered) individuals in the workplace (i.e. transgender people not on traditional MTF or FTM paths). If you had, you wouldn’t be so cavalier about making up new terms. 😉

But it is a great term. It would make a great movie title.

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