I have a life you know :-)

9 02 2009

Sorry I’ve been on a two-day hiatus, but I’m more tired than alive right now… having auditory hallucinations.

Failed a test at school today, along with the rest of my class. My profs have no sympathy — try harder, they say. My apartment reeks — it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks — and I can’t find the smelly stuff to at least pretend that it smells like lavendar blossoms everyday. I’m going to bed now, and I’ll try to update myself on the world tomorrow.
And, in pennance, I give you, a cute boy lip synching one of my favorite songs…

We have a new mantra at school: 76 is an RN. (76=passing grade, which, for the record, I have a 74… first I have ever in my life been failing a class) It’s gotten to that point.

On the bright side, I received word that I should be getting a juicy and exciting thing in the mail from, of all places, Equality Ohio.

Oh jesus, watching this video… go on, psychoanalyze it, bitches. LOL. It’s all true, it’s all true.



6 responses

9 02 2009


Thanks sweetie

9 02 2009

Thanks. I needed a reason to smile.

9 02 2009
Montgomery Maxton

he is the hottest thing since since jesus nearly nude on the cross

10 02 2009

OH Gawd Now I’ll have this little dancing tune in my head all day!!!! ARGGGG!!!

10 02 2009
F6's Editor

Did his performance remind anyone else of Felicia (Guy Pierce) off of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert just a little bit?…This clip made my night thank you… and he is one little hot pocket, I just want to devour him.

10 02 2009
Michael Chanak

Girl – thanks for starting to broadcast again…I was getting starved…

Cute kid.

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