Worley Rodehaver — UPDATE

21 02 2009

Worley Rodehaver has returned home — YEA! 🙂 Many hopes for your recuperation, dear sir.

For my readers, the fund that was set up to support Mr. Rodehaver, whose sole income is the publication of two or three community papers in town, had no income for the two months of his illness since he was not publishing. 
Because of this, a fund was set up at the Northside Community Bank and Trust (previously reported on here and on QuimBob’s site). The fund is still open for people who would like to continue to assist him, and we have reports that it has been hugely helpful to Cincinnati’s last remaining great gay active journalists.
Just run a check or cash down to:

North Side Bank and Trust
4125 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223
Attention: Don Beimesche

Cash contributions can be made directly to Mr. Beimesche at the Bank.
For more information: (513) 542-0958

Thanks to all who have supported. 

Miss Chanak — I think I just gave you more “column inches” today than I ever have here at QueerCincinnati.com :-).



One response

21 02 2009
Michael Chanak

Oops…the ugly masses with the screwed up faces and torches are at my trailer door…run, run…


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