Kentucky Anti-Gay Leaflet Investigated

10 03 2009

Thanks to’s post on this (he doesn’t site any sources, but he’s really reliable generally, so I’m assuming it’s on the up-and-up):

The Kentucky Attorney General’s office is investigating anonymous pamphlets that smeared Covington City Commission candidate Shawn Masters and were distributed shortly before the Nov. 4 election.

City Commissioner Steve Megerle and former Commissioner Jerry Bamberger were subjects of the investigation when Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders in December referred the matter to the state, Sanders confirmed Friday and are currently being investigated by the KY Attorney’s General Office.

Bamberger confirmed he was told he was being investigated and said he could not comment further, referring questions to Phil Taliaferro, an attorney representing him. Megerle is represented by his father, who also is named Steve Megerle. The elder Megerle declined to comment…

The pamphlets, which some describe as having an anti-gay overtone in part because they question his “moral value,” included images of documents that reveal Masters, who was running in his first election, is gay. (Masters actually is openly gay) and the phamplet also revealed Masters’ name, date of birth and Social Security number, making him prone to identity theft.

Thanks, Wolfie!!! (He updates us in the comments, here’s the story.)

PS — > We have an openly gay commissioner in Kentucky? Why had I never heard of this?




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10 03 2009

Whoooops sorry. Source

Its actually buried in

10 03 2009

In response to:

"PS — > We have an openly gay commissioner in Kentucky? Why had I never heard of this? "

Because its in KENTUCKY? LOL

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