GAY STUFF – New Holiday Notice, and the Return of Cody!!!

16 03 2009

Hello beautiful people!!!

Well, it’s been a damn long time, but I’m back! I know ya’ll missed me (yeah right… Mother did at least…)!

So I come bearing some news about a new holiday I’ve recently heard about. Ya see, there’s a girl from Toledo who’s a friend of a friend, and this girl came up qith a nifty idea: she’s starting a Gay Rights Day at Sylvania Southview High School. Apparently there’s nothing quite like this holiday (with it’s centralized purpose) anywhere around… So the goal for this things is to get it lots of exposure and maybe take the theme and spread it from Toledo to the rest of the world! That’s the plan anyway…
So this is my piece in trying to help out… So get on Facebook and find the event!!! There will be adds for it soon as well.
Need help finding it? Friend me on Facebook and tell me in a message you’ve come from!!!

Side note: My video-uploading just does not work well, so I’m gonna be holding off on trying those for a while longer. I’ll keep everyone posted on the goings on here at UC though… More to come when I’m permitted to speak…

Farewell lovelies! See you at the clubs!

-Cody Globig




2 responses

16 03 2009
Michael Chanak

Mr. Cody – how lovely that you are broadcasting again.

Figure – you know Jeremy is not longer with UC – moved last week back to Columbus.

Are you going to do more video blogs?


16 03 2009
The Seeker

Yes, I’m very close with Jeremy. He actually called me right after it all went down to let me know straight from the source…

I’m gonna try with the video blogs… they dont seem to cooperate with youtube very well…

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