1 04 2009

Thanks to @Dr_Jared (and his blog) for the suggestion of Mr. Mackenroth — he’s my newest cohort in these WWW’s.

This is kind of a big deal — not only the first openly gay Wearing What Wednesday boy, it’s also the first HIV+ (admitted) one, as well. Guys/gals … did you know Mr. Mackenroth (of Project Runway) did a naked photo shoot? Now you do :-).

Yea Towleroad!

And because I’ve had some complaints about viewing this site at work, the following are NSFW: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4 — originally posted on the site SORRY!

Enjoy ladies!




6 responses

1 04 2009
Jere Keys

How is that last photo (with the twig and berries clearly visible) safe for work while two ass shots have to be links?

1 04 2009

Because I didn’t see that part of the picture, actually. LOL Imagine that. I DIDN’T see a dick shot. I’m changing it now.

1 04 2009
Jere Keys

You’re clearly suffering from overexposure if you’ve become able to accidentally overlook a stud’s man parts in this way. I recommend 30% less porn and 70% less actual dick viewing for 3 weeks.

1 04 2009

Well we know he’s circumsized.

1 04 2009
J. Clarence

Jack Mackenroth is disgustingly beautiful. Through going through the photos I think I’ve found the new wallpaper for my iPhone

1 04 2009
Dr Jared

god…im so glad we got to find this man! 😀


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