GLSEN Prom Success

19 04 2009

Congratulations to the organizers and GLSEN for hosting yet another fantastic evening at the CAC for prom last night. It was amazingly well put together, and I think we all had a great time. The after party at Below Zero — despite the drama that I inevitably cause while drunk and around cute boys (mostly harmless) — was fabulous and dead on. I closed down the bar with the ever fabulous Rusty Lockett, Joey Otis, Jill Benavides, Doug Meredith, Cameron Tolle, and our growing crowd of “usual suspects.”

Thanks much to Rene Micheo, as well, for his camera and his eye. Check out his webpage for more information about his work, and check out the Facebook album for some of the fantastic pictures he took!

And so concludes one of our biggest, gayest weekends ever. Seriously — two nights up until 5am and shit to do during the day, all accomplished. SWEET! I wish I could say I want it to go on, but my liver and my checkbook would never thank me.




One response

20 04 2009
The Seeker

Holy shit I hear you on that one… I slept 10 hours after prom, and then ended up until 4am again this morning…

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