NKY Pride 2010

29 04 2009

And so it’s (a little more) official…

NKY Pride 2010 has announced their first fundraiser happening this Saturday, May 2 beginning at 8pm at Yadda Club. They even have a theme…

Anyone care to comment?

My one comment, at this point is this — what’s with all the animal references? 🙂 Oh, and we’re hearing a lot out of Yadda Club, these days. I wonder how they’re doing? Must be worth a good check out here soon, yea?



2 responses

29 04 2009

Well….Kentucky is Bluegrass Country and Unbridled does mean to be FREE and UNRESTRAINED.

30 04 2009

Of course, darling. I was just opening it up to commentary, that’s all.

Unbridled, I believe, is also part of the state motto — yes? “Unbridled Spirit?” It also refers to the equine history in the state…

I was just saying it’s funny that there are a lot of animal references around these parts, lately. 🙂

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