PRIDE STUFF?: Pre-Cincy/NKY Pride Gathering?

4 05 2009

Greetings from Cody once again!

So I was hanging out at the Center tonight with Mother Chanak and some other totally awesome queer folk, and Ms. Chanak brought up an interesting tidbit:

Apparently someone is planning a get together the Friday night of Pride weekend (June 12) at 8pm. The NKY folk and the Cincy folk will gather at their respective ends of the Purple People Bridge in candlelight vigils and proceed across the bridge to meet each other in the middle (or something like that).

I have 2 things to say about this:

1)This is a neat idea!

2)WHY oh WHY have we not heard about this in detail yet?!?!?! We’re supposed to know everything you know!!! haha

So if any of you amazing, adoring fans (ha…) have any info on this event, please let us know!!! Comment, email me, Facebook me, Twitter me (QCseeker), YouTube me, ANYTHING!!! We want to know!


The Seeker




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