QUEER EVENTS: GenderBloc GenderF*ck Drag Show and Masque!

8 05 2009

Hello all!

Come out tonight to Catskeller in TUC on the University of Cincinnati campus to celebrate the end of Pride and Visibility Week with us!!! Starting at 9pm there will be the quarterly GenderF*ck Drag Show put on by the wonderful folks of GenderBloc. Special guests this event will be JAC McFaggen and Big Gay Motherfuckin’ Al from The Black Mondays! It will be great! Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided by Friday Night Live, and alcoholic beverages can be ordered from the Catskeller bar (they have a great assortment of beers I’ve heard).

Afterwards, ya’ll can also head on up I-75 to Masque and party-hardy with myself, my boyfriend, and a big-ole group of friends from high school and from around the community (that inlcludes YOU too, Mr. Peanut-Butter Cracker lover!!! You should go too!). Come see me and all our friends!

See you out there!
The Seeker




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