Rock DJ, Robbie Williams

9 05 2009

No doubt that this will be yet another song that Edro Edro will remember from Union Station days :-).

Robbie’s really hot until.. well, if you watched, you know when it gets weird. But I still love the video.




4 responses

10 05 2009
Cincinnati NAMjA

You can tll how much of a dork I am…I have neer even heard this song before.

10 05 2009

Robie Williams = Hot. Robbie Williams with no skin or as a skeleton = Still Hot

11 05 2009

How is it that after seeing this video dozens of times I only noticed the cock sucking motion now? LOL

12 05 2009
Edro Edro

I always preferred the “Real Love” video with him laying in the water trough. Mmmmmm…

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