Bunning Still in the Race

11 05 2009

Despite previous reports that Jim Bunning has endorsed Tray Grayson for the Senate, and the possible indication that he’s actually stepping out of the race, it seems the current Senator from Kentucky is still in the race.

At a dinner for Republican stalwarts in Kentucky, Bunning had these words about his political future:

Bunning touted his conservative credentials and congressional voting record and asked his fellow Republicans for support in the coming year. He reiterated his re-election plans.

“I am nobody’s puppet. I am my own man,” Bunning said during his remarks. “I hope and pray I can count on your support in the coming months. The battle is going to be long, but I am prepared to fight for my values. I hope you are with me.”

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: this man is an insane, and he’s a genius, which makes him the most dangerous man for the Republican party today.

And when the nascent Bunning campaign explodes, it becomes a perfect opportunity for Mongiardo or Conway to step up to be the drama-free candidate for change. That is, unless Grayson pulls off a miracle. Regardless, Bunning is going to make such outrageous demands for the possible Republican nominee as to render him useless.

It’s sick and beautiful…. almost exciting in a way. This is turning into an election soap opera for the ages.



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