AfterElton’s Top 100 Hottest Men

12 05 2009

AfterElton released yesterday the results of their poll of topp 100 hottest men as chosen by GBQ men. Who tops the list?

1. Neil Patrick Harris

2. John Barrowman

3. Luke MacFarlane

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

5. Jensen Ackles

Actually, no real surprises on the list, though I think I’m a little intrigued by NPH at the top. This year, though, After Elton added three new options to vote on. The winners in the category are:

Hottest Men Over 40: Brad Pitt
Hottest Out Gay Men: Neil Patrick Harris (actually, the top three on this
list are in the top 5 hottest)
Hottest Men of Color: Taye Diggs

Plenty of eye candy for you folks this morning. Each list is worth a glance over, with a few surprises (Barack Obama makes it onto one of the lists!), but mostly just pretty boys to drool over.



2 responses

12 05 2009

Neil Patrick Harris wins? And thus the dorks have taken over the world.

All your base, etc.

14 05 2009

Is it offensive to anyone else that hot men of color are separated into their own list?

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