A Tale of Two Nevada Legislations

25 05 2009

In a double-whammy (well, sort of), two bills advanced to the Governor of Nevada — one vetoed and one passed. Wanna bet which one is which?

If you guessed that the Governor approved was the domestic partnership law, you’d be wrong. Following through on his promise, Governor Gibbons vetoed the DP law stating that it was contrary to the wishes of Nevada voters who approved a ban on same-sex marriage in 2002, but that his veto does not mean that he believes that “domestic partners are in any way undeserving of rights and protections.”

Fine. So, it seems reasonable that he should sign it, per his conscience.

Meanwhile, a bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression made it through on Friday. Apparently, discriminating is bad for business in a state famous for its tourism.

Amazing: Nevada has officially moved farther in the movement than Ohio.



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