Blogger Milestones

3 06 2009

As someone pointed out yesterday, reached a milestone yesterday if you were watching carefully…

100,000 Visitors!

Whoo-hoo! OK, so I installed my Sitemeter in mid July of last year, and it took… 10.5 months to reach that point, averaging… what? Around 9523.8 visitors a month, or 317.46 visitors a day, or 13.22 visitors an hour, or, approximately, one visitor every five minutes (0.22 visitors a minute). All I have to say is: Wow, boy would I hate to be that 0.22 extra person. If we start counting queers in parts of a person…

Also, yesterday, another milestone: yesterday, we reached our 820th post for the year. In all of 2008, had 819 posts. We were around 220 posts at this point last year.

Um. So the entire of this post is to toot the blog’s horn. Which is hard because it’s online, and I keep trying to blow on my keys to make a sound, but I don’t think my computer comes with a horn.

Reading back over that, why the hell have you been paying attention to me all this time? I don’t make any sense.



3 responses

3 06 2009
Michael Chanak

There is a rumor circulating that I was the 100,000th…are there prizes?

Happy Pride…

Ps – I think I am getting Pom fever again…

3 06 2009

Congrats Barry!!

4 06 2009

That is so great!!!! As always, I am in awe…

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