10 06 2009

From the pantheon of people who think an awful lot of themselves but for very little reason, Wolfie at Back2Stonewall.com brings us this delightful quote from Chad Ochocinco (nee Johnson):

“I know people are trying to say we’re mad at each other and all that, but we’re good. We’re like Brokeback Mountain.”

[to which he follow up on his twitter:]
“I said no homo, i gues they dont say that out there, showing love to another person but you say no homo at the end.”

No, Mr. Ochocinco, I don’t think they say that out there.

Is that really a phrase — “no homo” — to imply your bromance is not sexual? Really? This is new to me. Does that mean I have to start saying “homo” at the end of everything that is really gay?




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10 06 2009
Jere Keys

Yup, it's a real thing that reached its peak in the hip-hop music industry about 2 years ago and has quickly become a parody of itself. Just do a youtube search and see that already it's being widely mocked by douchebag college kids. So, of course, that means it is time for Cincinnati to catch on to this hot new trend.

10 06 2009

Ah Barry I Love You!……..HOMO!

11 06 2009

Just search Twitter. It's used constantly there. 🙂

11 06 2009
sidd finch

there's actually a pretty funny video out there (i think it's on cracked, or collegehumor or something) where a bunch of guys do sexual things to each other while saying "no homo." lil wayne says it at the very beginning of "lollipop." i think the core intention is to allow straight guys to express affection to each other without the stigma that homosexuality carries in their typical social groups, but it ultimately connotes homosexuality as something negative.

hilarious that a drama queen like ochocinco would get his jockstrap in a twist over someone NOT noting that he had said "no homo" after describing his relationship with another man as he did. maybe he's actually some dark comedic genius who specializes in very deep ironies…

11 06 2009
The Seeker

The United Black Student Association here at UC put on a program a while back called The Pink Elephant in the Room. It brought together a bunch of black students, and a bunch of LGBTQ students to discuss LGBTQ issues in, and out of, the black community. There was a lengthy discussion on "no homo" and it was unanimously agreed that it was just as offensive as saying "fag", not to mention unbelievably childish and ignorant…

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