And now for round 2…

15 06 2009

Jeez. I can’t believe we’re already talking about this, but here it is folks. The official poster for Pride Night at King’s Island in September. And, actually, the design is pretty hot. Information on Equinox coming soon, too. Too much queer for now, though.




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15 06 2009
Michael Chanak

Leave it to Sister Rusty Lockett to know someone who is a graphics person…Rusty love can give proper attribution..


15 06 2009

Well you know, I'm not going to do anything 1/2 assed. 🙂

Brian Heim is the designer, he's as hot as his design. You can view some of his other creations @

15 06 2009
The Seeker

That's gotta be one of my favorite posters of all time…

15 06 2009
Queers United

pride rolled around so quickly, yay

15 06 2009

Thanks Cody, I'll pass the word to Brian. 🙂 peace!

16 06 2009

nice poster
It needs to be animated !
But what doesn't ?

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