National HIV Testing Day

26 06 2009

Don’t forget — it’s that time of the year. I’ll repost my story tomorrow. Jo Anne over at TheSkeptikOne (ha! I got it right!) has a great run down of where and how to get tested or learn more this weekend. If you are confused, call this number:


It’s STOP AIDS‘ phone number. They’ll direct you on how/where/when to get tested.

HIV is still out there; a great way you can be protected, and a great way to protect your partner, is to get tested today. (And don’t forget the rubbers, boys and girls — if you call that number or stop by their office at 220 Findlay, you can get a shitton for free. We used to give out grocery bags full, sometimes.)



2 responses

26 06 2009

thank you for getting it right…lol

but right or wrong, I love you anyway…

you're so cute!

26 06 2009
the zak

Post sex STD tests are a strategy–but what do they cause a person to do? Give up sex? Have less sex? Have more sex in order to "get even"?

Testing before sex is a way to keep some sex from happening, and, consequently, prevent an STD. Post sex STD tests don't do that. Pre sex STD tests will save some lives–some people will back out of the possibility of sex with that partner. Others may be way more cautious. Still others might wait for non-HIV STDs to be cured, if available.

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