First On Screen Man-on-Man Kiss

28 06 2009

Check out the story here about the first on-screen man-on-man kiss ever which occurred 10 years ago this month. The video above is the actual event on the TODAY show with Al Roker running over to chat with the young couplem whom he believed to be heterosexual with one of the guys proposing to his girlfriend back in Ohio. It’s kind of a cool story.




2 responses

29 06 2009
The Dean of Cincinnati

My wife watches some show called Greek. The other day (or maybe a few weeks ago), there were two guys in a gay love kiss. Then I noticed it was ABC Family Channel, and I thought it interesting that the kiss appeared on that channel…

29 06 2009

It is Interesting. ABC Family has changed alot. Its going for an older Demographic. Mid/Late Teens and Early 20's.

Perhaps they are balancing out the fact that the 700 Club has lifetime airtime after midnight due to the deal Disney made when they bought the channel years ago

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