Frakkin’ A, Cincinnati Enquirer!

29 06 2009

Seriously, as if the last round wasn’t bad enough with the Chadea Thrasher case — accused and now convicted and sentenced of sexually touching a patient at University of Cincinnati. Ms. Thrasher is trans, a fact that the Enquirer has delighted in reporting over and over and over again for no apparent reason. Despite the fact that what Thrasher did was very, very wrong, the Enquirer’s ongoing inability to cover LGBTQ issues with any level of propriety and dignity is galling.

For example, from the story on the conviction on today’s

Two weeks ago when Thrasher was convicted of sexually touching a patient at University Hospital – where Thrasher was a working as a phlebotomist – he was wearing a woman’s wig with long hair, necklace, heels and carrying a purse.

Today, the female impersonator – who lives as a woman and uses the name Chadea Thrasher – was wearing the black-and-white stripes of an inmate. That’s the same outfit Thrasher will have to wear for the next 18 months after Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman sent Thrasher to prison for that amount of time.

“Female impersonator?” Oh, is that the term we’re using now. As of my posting (noon), there was only one brilliant comment: “Doesn’t UC Hospital do background checks of the people that they hire? I am sure they would not have hired a female impersonator, if they had known that in advance!!! Good grief!!!” Be sure to check back and find out just how intelligent anonymous commentators can be on a newspaper site.




One response

1 07 2009

has anyone reported this to GLAAD?

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