Eyes Open Festival

5 07 2009

Many thanks to Jamie at Stuff Queer People Need to Know for the heads up on this one…

Whoa — I didn’t even realize something like this, but it promises to be a huge day. They have movies, including Brooklyn’s Bridge to Jordan, Living with Pride: Ruth Ellis at 100, The DL Chronicles: Boo, and Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Brooms, as well as performers and art exhibits. And only $15.

To my fellow local queer bloggers: I say we make a day of it, yea?

Check out their Myspace page.




2 responses

5 07 2009
Stuff Queer People Need To Know

I will most likely be in attendance. Doug Cooper Spencer, one of the organizers, talked it up so well that I just want to go and see everything. This is such an amazing thing to have happen in our city.

5 07 2009
The Seeker

I second what Jamie said! Mr. Cooper Spencer was very excited when talking to us about it at an event the United Black Student Association put on a few months ago.
Not sure is I'll be able to make it though. Might be the same day that I'm commited to a car show…

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