welcome to the brand new queercincinnati.com!

3 08 2009

After a few weeks of thought, I decided to go ahead and move forward with the upgrade rather than remove the blog all together. Thus, QueerCincinnati.com is back and massively updated.

I received a lot of feedback from a lot of people, and I want to thank everyone for their patience and their amazing thoughts. I won’t go into the depth and breadth of the changes, but I will be shortening some old features, updating a few, and, overall, making your experience here on this blog a better one. Trust.

You will notice, first, that Wearing What Wednesday has been moved from the main blog to its own page. A lot of people who check this site at work had complained that it was hard to scroll through the posts, knowing that half naked men may await them at any point. In order to check in on my favorite hot guys of the week, just click the page above that says “Wearing What Wednesday” and you will be redirected there. My random posts of Broadway music will now fall under its own category — Musicals Monday — also available on its on the above link bar. You can also find links to both pages including previews on the right side of the page. I will also be featuring a new blog every week which can be found on the top right of your screen. This week, we have my oldest and dearest blogging friend, Texas Liberal. I have also added a “local resources” section, mainly due to the amount of people who find this blog by searching “gay Cincinnati” on google. I figure it may be helpful. If you represent an organization or website not currently listed, please email me: queercincinnati@gmail.com.

More updates are coming — I promise to keep you up-to-date on each one.

In order to find the new blog, within a few hours, “www.QueerCincinnati.com” will redirect you here as opposed to the other site. Please update your bookmarks. Additionally, if you have an RSS feed or need the RSS address for your blog, please update the address to “https://queercincinnati.wordpress.com/feed/”. I am really excited to move to WordPress.com. Whereas blogger (the “blogspot” on the old address) was very user-friendly, especially for the novice blogger, WordPress is far more powerful and allows me greater freedom and greater opportunities.

QueerCincinnati.com is always under construction, and I always appreciate your feedback. Please continue. You know how fond I am of critics. I will be adding my contributors in the next few days.

Much love to you all. And welcome to the new queercincinnati.com.




One response

7 08 2009

congrats on the new design. I updated my blog link.

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