the birthers are crazy leading crazy

4 08 2009

Meet Orly Taitz. She is the lawyer bringing the federal lawsuit seeking to disqualify Barack Obama from the Presidency based on his place of birth. “Birthers” say he was born in Kenya. MSNBC interviewed her, provided above, and she’s a flaming nutjob.

Why doesn’t Obama settle it? Because it’s almost funny, at this point. Why stoop to deal with absurdities?




2 responses

4 08 2009
Randy Simes

A “flaming nutjob” is a perfect way of describe Ms. Taitz. Some might also say that she’s a hot mess.

5 08 2009
Nate Phelps

I’m not settled one way or another on the question of Obama’s birthplace because, frankly, I’ve not done the homework yet. However, I am not convinced one way or another by this video. To me, the reporters asked ineffective and irrelevant questions then insisted that she answer those questions, using her failure to answer them as justification for interfering. It’s truly unfortunate that her voice sounds like nails on a chalk board, but that certainly doesn’t speak to the legitimacy of her argument.

That last question about whether she wouldn’t accept a ride because the driver’s name sounded too Muslim…what the hell was that and how in the world could it be the least bit relevant to the issue at hand?

Anyway, as I said…I don’t know if Obama meets the Constitutional requirements. But don’t use this as evidence that so called “birthers” got it wrong.

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