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6 08 2009

The popular feature returns! Answer in the comments, respond on Twitter, or email!

What is your favorite queer-themed movie? Queer-themed book?

Answers posted on Sunday!




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6 08 2009

Hi Barry!

First I’d like to say GREAT revamp and welcome to WordPress! I was also wondering if you got my email. I feel very lonely being moved out of Cincinnati Bloggers and into Queer Ohio Bloggers. : – (


Favorite Book(s)

The Complete Tales of the City Collection: by Armistead Maupin.
Tales of the City (1978)
More Tales of the City (1980)
Further Tales of the City (1982)
Babycakes (1984)
Significant Others (1987)
Sure of You (1989)
Michael Tolliver Lives (2007)

You REALLY should read them. They are a bit of Queer History.

Favorite Gay Movie:
The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert

6 08 2009
sidd finch

granted, i don’t have many books/movies from which to draw, but here goes –

books – “i am not myself these days” by josh kilmer-purcell.

movies – “shortbus,” “happy endings,” “running with scissors,” and even though i can’t bring myself to watch all the way through, “wild tigers i have known” is absolutely beautiful.

6 08 2009

Fave movie: Beautiful Thing
Fave book: The Last Herald Mage (trilogy) by Mercedes Lackey. The first books I read with a gay main character.

7 08 2009

films: C.R.A.Z.Y and Shortbus!
books: ‘Written on the Body’ (Jeanette Winterson) and of course the classic ‘History of Sexuality’ (Michel Foucault)

9 08 2009

I’m gonna say favorite book is “Tin Star” (sooooo hot!)
favorite movie is “Latter Days”

9 08 2009
The SkeptikOne

The Talented Mr. Ripley. The Hunger both book and movie

Of Lena Geyer-book, Fried Green Tomatoes-book, not the movie

9 08 2009
Jeff Logel

Movies: Trick and Maurice

Book: Brokeback Mountain

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