guerrilla queer bar pub crawl

7 08 2009

Cincinnati’s Guerrilla Queer Bar announced their latest “target” late last night via their Facebook group:

For serious. It’s time MainStrasse got a healthy dose of queer!

We’ll be convening at the COCK AND BULL (601 Main Street– Covington, KY) around 9pm. Get there early to find your queer buddies (safety in numbers!), eat some food, grab a table outside, and take advantage of the Guerrilla Queer Bar drink specials. At 10:30 we’ll be following the “Queer Super Highway” (you’ll see what we mean, just think– “follow the rainbow brick road!”) over to Cosmo’s (604 Main Street– Covington, KY). We’ll be converging on the Patio and there will be an awesome DJ spinning, NO COVER, and GQB very own $4 – Flaming Blue Guerrilla drink special (it’s really an electric lemonade…shhh….don’t tell) . Cosmo’s also has $5.50 Bombs and $3.00 Domestic Bottles specials!

It’s going to be an extreme amount of queer fun, so start polishing your dancing shoes.

I don’t know where any of these places are, except for a vague concept of “Mainstrasse,” but I’m down! Who’s up for going … and, perhaps more importantly, who’s up for picking my lame ass up? 🙂 I promise to drink a lot, stir up trouble, and be completely inappropriate. Who could turn down that offer?




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