monogamy on the rise

9 08 2009

A new study presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention reveals that, regardless of sexual orientation, monogamy rates are rising from similar studies done in 1975:

  • 59% of gay men report extra-relationship affairs (down from 82% in 1975), compared to 14.7% of straight men, 13.5% of straight women, and 8.2% of lesbians
  • However, 43.7% of gay couples said they had discuss and would allow extra-relationship affairs, as compared to 5% of lesbian couples and 3.5% of heterosexuals (all drops from 1970s — 68%, 34%, 20%, respectively)
  • The amount of relationships that are closed — would not allow extra-relationship affairs — doubled in every group, except for gay men where it tripled from 13% to 44%
  • The average length of relationships has decreased since the 1970s: 4.5 years for lesbians, 7 years for gay men, and 14 years for heterosexuals (as opposed to 11, 13.5 and 20, respectively)

The study may answer my friends’ question: “Where did all the cruisers go?” It may also answer my question: “What happened to the sexual revolution?” Aside from a violent anti-choice and anti-reproductive freedom lobby, it appears to have been supplanted by the dream of a picket fence and two dogs.




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