2009 openly lgbtq candidates

7 08 2009

Thanks to the Ohio Democratic Party LGBT Caucus for the heads up on the six openly LGBTQ 2009 candidates:

I have a feeling more individuals would be added to this list if a couple Southwestern Ohio politico’s would come out, but it is to dream, yes?

elections update

3 08 2009

The 2010 election continues to build some steam, highlighted first by proposed changes in Ohio law that would increase the number of sites for early voting but shrink it to only 20 days before rather than 35 as proposed by Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (also a 2010 Democratic Senatorial candidate). Of note:

  • Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning has stepped out of the 2010 race for his third term. He was facing increasing pressure from his junior partner, Mitch McConnell, who swore to stand in his way by controlling the purse strings to his reelection. It appears bullying works.
  • Governor Ted Strickland holds a near 500% lead over Republican challenger, former Congressman John Kasich. Strickland has raised $2.5million for his reelection to Kasich’s $516,000. Strong start for an “embattled” governor.
  • Four Ohio Congressman have been targeted by the Republicans for retake in 2010 — including OH-1 Rep. Steve Driehaus, and extremely LGBTQ friendly Boccieri (OH-16), Kilroy (OH-15), and Space (OH-18). Driehaus is likely to be challenged by the man he defeated in 2008, Steve Chabot.
  • Cincinnati sweetheart Phil Burress, of the reprehensible Citizen for Community Values, is attacking outgoing Senator George Voinovich because Ohio’s Senator got it right — the GOP has been taken over by Southerners in the same vein as Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). “But when you get beyond that [pro-life and anti-gambling], he is totally confused about what the Republican Party should stand for,” said Burress. What is that, exactly, sir? I thought the GOP was all for small government that stayed out of people’s lives. But, I could be wrong.

And, looking towards the local 2009 election, Brad Wenstrup, the Republican challenger to Mayor Mark Mallory, has laid out his plan. Just in case you were interested.