no facebook for you!

12 08 2009

At some point, we may have to say that the ongoing, lifelong brigade of punishments for sex offenders border on cruel and unusual. Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois signed into a law a bill, taking effect January 1st, denying registered sex offenders access to social networking sites. “The idea was, if the predator is supposed to be a registered sex offender, they should keep their Internet distance as well as their physical distance,” said Sen. Bill Brady, a Republican from Bloomington planning a run for Governor. “The object is to protect innocent individuals on the Internet from sex offenders.”

I know that sex offenses are particularly vile, and I am aware that the rate of recidivism is exceptionally high for this time of criticism, but consider the lifelong branding that includes restrictions on where you can live and alerting neighbors to your place of residence.

Why even let them out of prison at this point?

congratulations, justice sotomayor!

6 08 2009

Our next Justice of the Supreme Court.

Cool/historical things I’ve seen in my life (and can remember):

  • Election of the pontiff
  • A woman of color become Supreme Court Justice
  • A black man become President
  • Legalized gay marriage in the midwest
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall

Next up on my list:

  • Coronation of an English monarch
  • Female President

What else… what else… Hrm.

three takes on the same story

30 07 2009

A South Carolina man has been charged with having sex with a horse — for the second time.

Joe. My. God. says: “It’s a crazy world, people.”

Cincinnati Blog says: “In a new low, the Enquirer chose this story to pick up from the AP Wire. I guess they have a large equine readership down in the Bluegrass state that would be interested.”

The horse’s owner, Barbara Kinley, via the Huffington Post, says: “Everyone around here has horses,” Kenley said. “And they all said the same thing. You should have shot him.”

I say: I have officially added “bestiality” to the list of tags on my blog. Win?