ehea update

11 08 2009

The Equal Housing and Employment Act (EHEA, HB 176) would prohibit discrimination in employment and housing in the state of Ohio based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. The summer recess is in full swing for the Ohio legislature, and, though we have some rumors that the House will bring it to a vote (and likely pass in that body) when it reconvenes in the fall, it has yet to really move to the Ohio Senate. Equality Ohio and Do What’s Right, Ohio! are encouraging supportive individuals to continue to contact their state Representatives through the summer, but the bill has made a little bit of news in the last week:

  • The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, which also supported the removal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, fully supports the implementation of LGBTQ employment and housing protections in the state.
  • On Top Magazine ran a piece on August 7th about EHEA. Kim Welter of Equality Ohio, the lead group lobbying for the bill, is quoted in the piece as saying: “We [Equality Ohio] would not support a bill that did not include gender identity.” Well done.

Make sure you continue to contact your State Representative and State Senator in support of the Equal Housing and Employment Act throughout the summer.