Wearing What Wednesday!

Week of 8/10/09:

A lot of great looking boys without their shirts on made rounds on the net this week, and they are all equally fabulous. Starting with the entire Georgia Tech football team:

Which closely resembles a similar picture planned by the Tennesse Volunteers; don’t forget to check out the “making of flick” by the local media outlet WVLT.

Tennesee Volunteers Football

Tennessee Volunteers Football

Sports and sportsmen not your thing? Don’t worry — the third annual Mormons Exposed, Men on a Mission, annual calendar is for sale:

Men on a Mission

Men on a Mission

And, finally, if you aren’t all that into religious boys gone wrong, and perhaps you prefer the on line cruising scene, check out the new photography project by Chad States, masculinity, where he asked individuals (non-gendered) on Craigslist who identify as “masculine” to pose for pictures exemplifying what that word means for them. Warning: this one is NSFW.

Chad States, "Masculinity"

Hope that’s enough for the week!

Week of 8/3/09: Mark Feuerstein

Check out additional great pictures of Mark Feuerstein here, and some additional NSFW ones here. Don’t forget to check out 8/3’s hot site of the week, Shirtless Perfection.

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4 08 2009
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11 08 2009
Wearing What Wednesday update! « QueerCincinnati.com

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